During my time at Laundry Service, our team collaborated closely with the creative team at Pierrera O'Dell to concept a social-forward 360 campaign for European Wax Center in a way they had not done before.

Together we concepted an overarching story for the brand for the entire year, with a strategy of telling the in-between moments on social.

Once we had our vision in place, we worked with legendary photographer Miles Aldridge in Barcelona, Spain to create a unique voice that European Wax Center had never had before with cheeky copy inspired by social memes paired with surreal, edgy imagery.

Spot produced by Pierrera O'Dell


Taking inspiration from the primary campaign story line, we worked with our social photographer to emulate Miles style, but adapt a less glossy and more approachable version for social. Complete with not only lifestyle imagery but lower funnel product images that remained cohesive with the campaign.

Adaptation Examples


With this approach, we created a beautiful cohesive social feed for E​uropean Wax Center that outperformed their pre-existing content, was a huge success for the brand, and helped inform all their campaigns moving forward. Our social strategy also included A/B testing for various copy approaches and image selects for maximum efficiency. 

Social Feeds

Pierrera O'Dell

ECD: Dave Arnold

CD: Sarah Worthington

Art Director: Alex Parodi

Copy: Michelle Lamont Lawrence

Campaign Photographer: Miles Aldridge

Head of Content Production, NYC: Tennille Teague

Laundry Service

CD: Annie Michaud 

Art Director: Angela Renai Comer

Copy: Shannon Fiedler

Campaign Photographer: Andrea Bielsa

Evergreen Photographers: Winnie Au, J Muckle, Zack McDowell

Creative Producer: Kristen Miller


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