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Hi, I'm Angela

As a Brooklyn based ACD/Art Director, I believe every brand has its own inner magic. Whether it's an unexpected execution within an emerging platform or a platform hack that keeps viewers' attention, I believe in creating work that transcends the spirit of brands beyond board rooms to resonate with audiences in the mystical digital and social realms. Some say it's supernatural. I call it social media.​

Starting early in my career, I've been a very passionate early adopter of new social platforms (my latest obsession being TikTok). I had a vision for the impact social media would have on the world of Advertising. In 2014 I moved to New York City in search of agencies with like-minded ideas and found a home with some of the most innovative social advertisers and strategists.

Some of the amazing people I have worked
with along the way:

European Wax Center, Keurig, LG Mobile, NARS Cosmetics, Nickelodeon, Stop & Shop, Freixenet, Oprah Winfrey Network, Kiss Cosmetics, Amazon, Avon, Covergirl, Gerolsteiner, and Science Museum Oklahoma .

Places I've Been

July 2020–Present
Various Clients, Brooklyn
Freelance Art/Creative Director

In the age of COVID, I have explored my love of branding/identity work for small businesses and have launched passion projects while looking for a new agency home. 

May 2019–July 2020
Annex 88/Havas (Part of Havas Village), New York City
Senior Creative (Art Direction and Copywriting)

Oversaw and lead creative efforts in advertising, branding and social campaigns for Keurig as well as Keurig/Dr. Pepper owned brands such as Green Mountain Coffee and Laughing Man. Collaborated with the Havas Keurig team as part of the Havas Village to ensure cohesiveness of brand storytelling and content creation.  

Worked with partner agencies and was responsible for increasing brand affinity, awareness and sales for Keurig across multiple social channels in addition to overseeing both ideation and execution of Micro-Campaigns and evergreen social content.  

January 2018–May 2019
Likeable Media, New York City
Senior Art Director


As a Senior Art Director, my role was to be the glue that held a team of varying talents together and as such I worked directly with clients, vendors, strategists, production teams, and other agencies to lead the way and make sure interesting work gets done on-time and meets business objectives. 

December 2014–October 2017
Laundry Service, New York City and Brooklyn
Designer -> Narrative Director -> Art Director

Oversaw Advertising campaigns across emerging platforms, worked closely with partner agencies to scale their ideas to work for social, watched algorithms change on a dime, watched audiences change, and come up with innovative platform hacks and post types to catch and hold their attention.

July 2014–December 2014
Various Clients, New York City
Freelance Design Director

September 2012–July 2014
Funnel Design Group, Oklahoma City
Design Director

Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma City
Senior Designer

Worlds Fair, Flaming Lips Management, Oklahoma City
Design Intern

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