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My Approach

The goal of my practice is to empower and reconnect you with your own source of inner power. Difficult experiences can disconnect us from ourselves for periods of time. These experiences can range from large life crises to times of temporary cloudy uncertainty. 


When these disconnections happen, I work to reorient my clients through the symbols and synchronicity contained within Tarot and Astrology.


My approach combines the knowledge of your intellect back to the wisdom of your intuition. I avoid new-agey terms and focus on grounded solutions to find your own unique answers. 

My Approach

Guide vs. Fortune Teller

It is my view that our lives are determined by both our circumstances and our choices. We are able to make better choices if we have all the information about our options.

So, as opposed to reading your “fortune”, using abstract new-agey terms, defining your character for you, or determining your "fate", my readings
guide you back to your own
empowerment, agency, and autonomy.

I hold up a light to your path so you can clearly see your own way — I do not attempt to create it or to change it.

Guide vs. Fortun Teller


Each card in the Tarot represents a page of a story, in this reading we focus on pulling cards to find the elements of yours.

We will examine an area of life you have concerns around and draw from the symbols in the cards to identify
practical and actionable suggestions for moving forward. 


The goal of this reading is to provide guidance through the plot twists of your narrative — empowering and arming you with the knowledge to better choose the outcome.

45 MINUTES $77



Astrology is the study of patterns in the cosmos and your natal chart is a snapshot of the energies present at the moment you were born. It can inform where your story began and where it has the potential to go.

This reading gives an overview of your chart or could focus on a specific area of life you have in mind and want to gavin more insights around. 

45 MINUTES $77

 TarotScope Reading

For more in-depth guidance, we will take a close look at your chart in the areas of your concern, considering both your natal chart placements and current transits. 

We will then proceed with a Tarot spread to get further answers, clarification, and insights for how to best work with your transits.

60 MINUTES $99


Tips for a Great Reading

  • Prepare your questions. I recommend avoiding “yes/no” questions, and trying to keep them free of the words "should". These phrases can rob you of your autonomy and agency. The clearest questions sound more like “What can I know about myself right now?” or “What message is there for me around _______ situation?”

  • Provide a peaceful setting for yourself. This is your time for yourself, create a boundary around it free of noise or distractions.

  • Maintain an open mind. I am a grounded and skeptic-friendly reader. Believing in the “woo-woo” isn’t required to have a good reading. Bring a positive, open mind and I can tap into your reading and read the messages for you much easier.

  • Don’t hold back. You won’t “influence the reading”. The more information I have the better. You wouldn’t go to a doctor and have them guess what’s wrong. Open up and treat me like a professional deserving of information and your reading will have much more depth. 

  • Trust your own intuition. I am not a fortune teller. Readings are not a perfect science but an art. I am reading symbols and symbols can be misinterpreted. The one who knows your path best is your own intuition and True Self.

  • Focus on yourself. I am very hesitant to do readings based on how someone else feels about you, or provide readings on the life/situation of others. I am sensitive to questions that would violate the consent or agency of another person. Let’s rephrase your question to focus on you.

  • Begin on time. Things happen and we all run behind from time to time, however there may be a risk of having a reading cut short if we don't begin at our set appointment time.

  • Reflect on your reading. I urge you to journal or meditate soon after your reading and write down what stood out for you. Watch for synchronicities. Clarity often comes after a reading vs during.

  • Take what you like and leave the rest. 

How to Get a Great Reading


  • All readings are done live over Zoom and you will receive a link prior to your appointment.

  • If you book an Astrology related session, you will be prompted to fill out your Birth Information including the date, year, time, and city/location 24-48 hours prior to your reading. This gives me time to prepare your chart.

  • Booking must be paid in full in advance to hold appointment time. Payment options will be listed in your confirmation email. 

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