My Approach

The goal of my practice is to empower and reconnect you with your own source of power. Life's challenges have a way of disconnecting people from their True Source. These difficult experiences can range from trauma, abuse, and divorce to a new birth or a sudden change of plans.


When these disconnections happen, I work to reorient my clients to their true north through the symbols and synchronicity contained in Tarot
and Astrology.


My approach combines the knowledge of your intellect back to the wisdom of your intuition.


Guide vs. Fortune Teller

It is my view that our lives are determined by our choices and we are able to make better choices when given more information. So, as opposed to reading your fortune, defining your character for you, or determining your fate, my readings serve as your energetic weather report. 

If you know it might rain, you may choose to bring an umbrella. 

Ultimately, my readings bestow empowerment, agency, and autonomy. I am here to light your path so you can prepare your own way — not create or change it.



Every question posed to the Tarot has a story behind it. My goal in your reading is to provide guidance through the plot twists of your narrative — arming you with the knowledge to choose the outcome.


In this reading, we will uncover a theme for your upcoming year and draw clarifying cards for any further questions.

30 MINUTES $55



Astrology is the study of patterns in the cosmos and your natal chart is a snapshot of the energies present at the moment you were born. It can inform where your story began and where it has the potential to go.

Although I am not doing predictive or forecasting work at the moment, while studying this complex practice I will provide a basic interpretation of the unique signatures present in your Natal Chart. I appreciate your support while furthering my study and look forward to gaining more practice. 

30 MINUTES $55

Integrated TarotScope Reading

For more in-depth guidance, in this integrated approach we start with a look at your Astrological Natal Chart and then proceed with a Tarot spread pulling cards for both upcoming transits as well as any questions you have about your year for 2021.

45 MINUTES $77


How to Get a Great Reading

  • Provide a peaceful setting for yourself free of distractions or background noises, this is your time for self care, create a boundary around it. 

  • Come with an open mind. I am a skeptic-friendly mystic, so even if you don't believe in all the "woo-woo", you can still walk away with an enjoyable experience. Come with a positive and open mindset so we can both tap into your reading.

  • Open up and don't be afraid of "influencing the reading". You wouldn't go to a doctor or a therapist and provide them with no information. Most of the time I am able to read the general energy anyway, but treat me like a professional deserving of information and you will have a much more professional reading. 

  • Use your mind as well as your heart. I am not a fortune teller, I am a spiritual guide and mystic. Since I am human, my intuition isn't a perfect science and cards can be misinterpreted. The only person who knows you and your life path is you, your higher power, and your guides.

  • Think about your questions and keep them free of the words "should I" and free of "yes/no" phrases that can rob you of your autonomy and agency. Consider "what should I know more about ___" or "How can I ___". It is my experience that our guides and the universe want to empower us, these are the questions that give power back to you. 

  • Be aware that I do not provide information about how someone who is not present feels about you or do a reading on someone else's life/situation. I won't answer questions that would violate the consent or agency of another. 

  • Begin on time so you can get the most out of your reading. There may be a risk of having a reading cut short if we don't begin at our set appointment time.

  • I advise you to journal or meditate soon after your reading and write down what stood out for you. Watch for synchronicities. 

  • Take what you like and leave the rest. 



  • All readings are done over Zoom and I will email you a link 48 hours prior to your appointment.

  • Email me within Your date of birth including the year, time, and city/location 48 hours prior to your reading.

  • Booking must be paid in full in advance to hold appointment time

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