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Social Content

Arm & Hammer Litter Cat Adoption Campaign

Church & Dwight | Campaign

The Brief: Arm & Hammer Litter is a Home and Cat Care CPG brand who reached out to our team to help their brand with recruiting new and existing kitty parents to use their product. 

They challenged our Creative Team to lead the charge in coming up with ideas to get new cat parents to traffic the site, gain leads for their email list, and get shares on social media through fun cat content (a favorite of the internet). 


The Solve: We came up with a heartwarming campaign to support new cat adopters by creating a "Cat Name Generator". We held a brainstorm and came up with a lot of adorable cat names with various categories in order to create endless possibilities (very hard work 🐱) and worked with a developer to make it come to life. 

We then paired the Cat Name Generator, with supporting infographics, downloadable PDFs, and social assets to connect the campaign across touchpoints and drive to the generator or our ecomm pages. Making an cat adoption themed campaign.

Role: Creative Direction & Concepting

Categories: Web Design | Layout | 
Illustration | Social Content | Content Development | Infographic


Design Director: Angela Renai Comer

Senior Designer & Illustrator: 
Vincent Calabrese

Web Designer: Sean King


Agency: Olberding Brand Family

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