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YouTube spot produced by HAVAS

Brew You 

Collection Campaign

Keurig | Social Campaign

The Brief: Keurig is the beloved easy-to-use coffee brewer brand used in kitchens across the country. Keurig wanted to attract a new audience of Gen-Z users with a smaller K-Mini design updated with fun colors and customizable decals appealing to their interest in exclusivity, style, and cost. 


Together with Havas, we created a campaign inspired by the creative interface of Instagram Stories such as customizable stickers and gifs. The three Main RTBs we utilized were limited-edition colors, emoji-style personalization options, endless possibilities to brighten up any dorm room or apartment.


In total, we created nine pieces of content running across three weeks that including animated UI hacks, roulette games, and elaborate stop motions to be adapted across platforms. The limited edition brewers sold out quickly.

Role: Concept Development | Set Design | Art Direction | Design | Styling | Copywriting Support


ECD: Florent Imbert
Senior Creative: Angela Renai Comer

AD: Mikayla Madigan

CW: Samantha Reece

OTHER CREDITS: Photo: Lena Nicholson, Hand Modeling: Angela and Mikayla :)

Agency: Annex 88 + Havas



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