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Phone Launches & Content

LG Mobile | Social Content

The Brief: LG Mobile launched its first Android smartphone in 2009 and is known for its flagship G series and V series of smartphones. They were a longtime client of Laundry Service and I was brought onto the account in 2017 to help breathe new life into the brand's social channels and provide Art Direction in both a leading and supporting capacity for a large 2017 deliverable list. This content included campaigns for 2 phone launches, support in the creation of of 5o videos, and the lead for over 400 pieces of photo content to be created over the year. 

In addition to the phone launch campaigns, we worked on an ongoing basis creating content to be posted daily to their instagram channels. This always-on approach had us publishing content daily for Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. I was responsible for the still content and other various cinemagraphs, boomerangs, and other "micro-video" content to be posted across their various channels. 

At Likeable, we created a comprehensive Social Playbook complete with a competitor audit, cohesive social style guide to work with Stop & Shop existing branding, and content pillars. These pillars consisted of lifestyle content, various categories for recipe content, product specials, and seasonal holiday content.


Over time we achieved a lift in store visits, increased their following, and created positive sentiment among their customers. Not to mention we elevated their content to a more premium look to keep up with competitors. 

Role: Art Direction | Concept Development | Creative Strategy | Set Design | Styling 


Role: Creative Strategy & Research | Art Direction | Concept Development | Set Design | Prop & Food Styling | Production Coordinating 

AD: Angela Renai Comer

CW: Christina Sirabella 

OTHER CREDITS: Photo: Gillian Terry DP: James Berry, Design: Thomas Reyes

Agency: Likeable Media

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