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Product Launches & Content

NARS Cosmetics | Social Content

The Brief: NARS Cosmetics is a luxury beauty brand known for its innovative, high-end makeup, signature matte black packaging and more than a few provocative names. They challenged 
Annex88 to create evergreen and seasonal Instagram content that was more approachable and socially driven than their traditional edgy imagery.

We developed a new approach to their social feed by combining their natural edge with a playful twist. Including adapting elements from their print campaigns for brand cohesion while catching the eye of the aesthetically driven Instagram beauty audience. 


As a result, the content we developed for them highly outperformed their previous
content produced in-house. One of the Images (first photo on top row) is the top performing image in their feed to-date. 

Role: Concept Development | Styling Direction | Art Direction | Casting


ACD: Reginald VanNurden
Senior AD: Angela Renai Comer
Junior AD: Mikayla Madigan

Photo: Lena Nicholson

Agency: Annex 88

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