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Orajel Kids & Baby Website

Church & Dwight | Web Design

The Brief: Orajel is a personal oral care CPG brand who reached out to our team to launch a product and informational website for parents of young children. We and our copywriters determined the website should hold attention from parents by providing hard to find information on children's teething and brushing stages while driving conversions for their partner retailers such as Amazon. 

They challenged our Creative Team to lead the charge in the design and content development of the site after a partner agency wasn't quite hitting the mark and the site was left half-done. The time clock had run out so there was a need to be extremely efficient to launch the site quickly in 4-6 weeks.


The Solve: To meet our deadline, I guided our Senior Designer to quickly create a "one-pager" style design system for the site including colors and CTA treatments. We also did a number of quick wireframes and a sitemap for the project to make sure we were aligning with our development team's capabilities within the timeframe.

We determined a look that felt playful but not overly juvenile would be the best to appeal to parents. The design leaned into organic shapes reminiscent of kids fingerpainting while remaining clean and elegant for parent navigation. A fine balance of kid-forward elements and clean aesthetics. 

After the site launch we incorporated a number of ad-ons such as an inforgraphic chart of teething stages as well as instructional illustrations for use of Orajel's products.

Role: Creative Direction & guidance

Categories: Web Design | Layout | 
Illustration | Storyboarding | Style Guides | Content Development


Design Director: Angela Renai Comer

Senior Designer & Illustrator: 
Vincent Calabrese


Agency: Olberding Brand Family

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